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Wilderness Concerns

Living intentionally and cooperatively with nature, Mt. Baldy residents are poised to recognize how simple choices impact the ecosystem of which they are a part. Conscious handling of garbage prevents unwanted wildlife intrusions into the neighborhood, particularly from bears.  Recycling prevents overfill of garbage containers, allowing containers to be more securely sealed, deterring wildlife.  Careful disposal of chemical waste prevents a myriad of harmful environmental effects. Avoiding weed killers, pesticides and insecticides when other solutions are readily available helps maintain our complex ecosystem’s balance.

Through creative problem solving, Mt. Baldy community is positioned to address challenging ecosystem concerns ranging from water availability–its impact on fish, wildlife and residents–to bear-human coexistence problems and more.

Current on Keep Baldy Wild’s radar is:  BEARS

How do we coexist with bears so that both human and animal remain safe and healthy?

Interests on Keep Baldy Wild’s radar may eventually become projects depending on their development, urgency, scope of involvement and cost.

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