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This being our first Keep Baldy Wild Newsletter, Keep Baldy Wild would like to use the opportunity to express our deep gratitude to all parties who contributed to the creation and launching of our website.

The uniting of various skills, talents and energies made the website possible, and served as a reminder of the beauty of collective effort.  A special thank you to Roger Smith of RAS Design Studio for the website design; to Pavel Dvorak for hosting the site; to Carmen Lindsay for the logo design, and to all photographers, amateur and professional, who shared their photos.

If new to the site, please explore the main headings’ web pages as well as their respective drop down menu information pages.  Many of the pages will provide links to articles, videos, reports, useful websites and more, allowing the viewer to probe deeper into his or her own research and/or provide the viewer with user friendly access to complimentary sites.  Our periodic newsletter and our home page will keep the viewer informed regarding Keep Baldy Wild’s up to date happenings.

Keep Baldy Wild’s interest is in the interdependence of people and the natural world and our responsibility to be conscientious stewards of the mountain environment.  We are committed to projects and education that support the unique ecosystem of the San Antonio Canyon watershed for current and future generations.

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