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A longtime common assumption exists in our culture that products and services offered to the consumer “must be safe”. The belief that “the government won’t allow it [product/service] if it hasn’t passed stringent testing” convinces consumers to buy the latest toy, electronic, food, prescription drug, dietary supplement, home building supply, etc. without question.  While some products and services are safe, a quick glance at the past reminds us that numerous approved products thought at one time to be safe were ultimately found to be harmful to humans and/or the environment.  The partial list includes: leaded gasoline, DDT and other pesticides, asbestos, tobacco, Thalidomide and lead paint.

Beginning in the 30′s and continuing for well over two decades, cigarette companies placed an image of a physician on cigarette ads to quell the public’s growing concern about the harmful effects of tobacco.  Today companies use similar advertising ploys to convey an image of product safety, even when behind the scenes evidence mounts suggesting product harm.

Due to mounting evidence regarding the dangers of current radio frequency radiation levels on human, animal and plant health, Keep Baldy Wild chose radio frequency radiation education as one of two initial projects.  Mt Baldy’s collaborative capacity to examine this issue on a local level will help to safeguard Mt. Baldy’s unique ecosystem for current and future generations.


KEEP BALDY WILD’S MISSION STATEMENT:  Keep Baldy Wild is committed to projects and education that support the unique ecosystem of the San Antonio Canyon watershed for current and future generations





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